Integrative Drug & Alcohol Rehab - Winchester, Virginia

For over a decade Bridging the Gaps (BTG) Integrative Addiction Treatment in Winchester, Virginia has been helping adult drug addicts, alcoholics, and dual-diagnosed clients find sustained, long-term recovery from the ravages of addiction.

BTG’s unique, holistic approach to addiction treatment addresses the physical, the spiritual, and the psychological aspects of addiction to illegal and prescription drugs, alcohol, and substance dependency. We "bridge the gaps" between traditional addiction treatment and alternative therapies.


  • Traditional addiction programs generally treat only the psychological and spiritual aspects of substance abuse.

  • Alternative therapies primarily treat the physical component of addiction.

Integrative Treatment programs – like BTG – combine the best of both of these treatment approaches.

Research studies report that the success rate for traditional treatment is less than 30%. Integrative addiction treatment programs, such as BTG Integrative Addiction Treatment, report success rates between 65 & 85%! Read some of our client testimonials.

BTG is the only residential facility on the East Coast that offers integrative, holistic addictions treatment that includes IV nutritional therapy. Located in the picturesque, historic town of Winchester, Virginia, we are within a 4-hour drive of many of the major metropolitan areas of the mid-Atlantic region.

BTG has chosen to remain a small rehabilitation center – only 24 clients at a time, divided among our three residences. Our small size enables us to give our clients the personal attention and individualized treatment that they deserve. From the time you arrive at our facility, you will be aware of the commitment that our staff has to you AND your recovery.

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Holistic Drug & Alcohol Treatment that WORKS!

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At Bridging the Gaps, we understand that sometimes the need for recovery is seemingly impossible due to a lack of finances. This is why we have located a company that offers financing assistance.

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