Meet Our Holistic Addiction Recovery Team

Stan is the President and Founder of Bridging the Gaps. He has over 30 years experience in the addictions field, in both the military and the private sectors. Stan's special connection with clients stems from his own experience with the cycle of failure – treatment, relapse, back to treatment.

He is a self-appointed “poster child” for the integrative approach to addictions treatment, which he credits with breaking the cycle of failure and enabling him to finally achieve sustained recovery from alcoholism. It was out of his success with the integrative treatment approach that he founded our facility. He believes, and continually works to prove, that an addict can enjoy long-term sobriety without having to “hit their bottom” if they are given the right set of tools. He is deeply committed to reaching those who are still suffering from the ravages of addiction.

Stan has been guest presenter at numerous addictions-related conferences and treatment centers and has hosted countless workshops on BTG’s integrative treatment approach. He has served as past President of the Central Regional Virginia Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (VADAAC), Vice-President of the Central Region Virginia Association of Drug and Alcohol Programs (VADAP), and is also affiliated with the National Association of Addiction Treatment Professionals (NAATP). Stan is one of the founding members of the Alliance for Addiction Solutions (AAS) and serves on its Executive Committee.

Photo of Stan Stokes


The desire to contribute to the greater good and work with a strong team brought William out of corporate America and closer to home. A Winchester native, William was eager to join BTG after nearly 11 years in a diverse range of office environments. His high-performance standards include well-honed, proven skills and comprehension in graphic design, technical writing, and general organization - all of which are valuable in this position.

He also brings to BTG a solid background in office administration; a demonstrated capacity to improve efficiency; and a proven record of innovation, resourcefulness, and reliability. William's personal interest in fitness, nutrition, and spiritual wellness easily align with BTG's total body, mind, and spirit treatment philosophy.

Photo of William Orth

Administration, Finance, and Human Resources Manager

Having experienced a spiritual awakening in the midst of her career as an attorney, Pam made a mid-life course correction and joined the clinical treatment team at Bridging the Gaps. Since beginning at BTG in 2006, Pam has held a variety of positions, starting as an intern and culminating in her present position as Director of Clinical Services.

From both a personal and professional perspective, Pam believes passionately in the unique integrative and holistic approach to substance abuse treatment offered by BTG. Within the organization, she is responsible for ensuring that each client receives the highest quality of individualized care. She strives to foster a cooperative interdisciplinary team spirit amongst the clinical, medical, and residential staff in order to ensure the provision of a seamless range of comprehensive client services.

Pam brings to her position an exuberance that comes from the joy she receives in working with both the clients and the staff in their joint mission to overcome the ravages of addiction and realize the goal of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Photo of Pam Reiman

Director of Clinical Services


Susan has been with Bridging The Gaps almost since its inception. She joined our treatment team after more than 20 years in the medical field. As Admissions Coordinator, Susan is usually the first point of contact for potential clients and their families.

From the initial screening on the phone to navigation through the admissions process, she interacts with clients and their families with an empathic understanding of the disease of addiction.

Susan also lends her expertise to the clinical team, offering support with day-to-day client activities and appointments; helping to manage administrative duties; maintaining the facility’s data bases; and serving as one of the organization’s liaisons.

Photo of Susan Dennis

Admissions Coordinator


Elizabeth joined BTG as the Program Development Coordinator in October 2013.

Elizabeth is excited to share her experience in project management and technology in the development of new phases of our belief system here at BTG. She has been affected personally over the last decade and wants to bring her skills to the cutting-edge clinical field. She thrives on analysis and research needed to bring visionary treatments to fruition.

Photo of Elizabeth Mercer

Program Development Coordinator

Molly joined BTG in September 2013 as the receptionist. Her position allows her to utilize her organizational skills to keep the front office running smoothly. Molly has great compassion for others, which only radiates more at BTG.

Molly enjoys being able to assist clients in various ways on their road to recovery.

Photo of Molly Hash



Denise joined the staff of Bridging the Gaps in 2011 after working for eleven years in the area of community substance abuse prevention and early intervention. She has a passionate belief in healing through natural and holistic approaches, which has been influential in her own personal journey. She brings to the clinical team her enthusiasm for experiential learning to facilitate personal growth.

Denise supports clients in identifying and resolving core issues associated with their addiction by providing Phase II Education, Expressive Therapy, Group Therapy, Phase II & III Retreats, and individual counseling. Denise draws from her knowledge and experience, empowering clients to achieve lasting and ongoing change through the practice of recovery and the development of relapse prevention skills.

Photo of Denise Reaves


As a Marital/Family therapist, Summer brings to Bridging the Gaps a systemic perspective to her treatment philosophy with individuals, groups, and families. Her particular passion in addiction treatment is a focus on educating not only clients, but also their families, on the effects the disease of addiction has on the family unit. This is exemplified by the work she does with BTG’s family group on Saturdays.

Summer facilitates Group Education, Group Therapy, and Spirituality in Phases I & II, Retreat in Phases II & III, as well as Family Group. BTG’s holistic approach to treatment coincides with Summer’s personal wellness philosophy, which includes healthy eating, regular exercise, and the development of one’s spirituality through alternative modalities.

Photo of Summer Jeirles


In joining the Clinical Team at Bridging the Gaps, Jessica offers an extensive combination of education and experience that has allowed her the privilege of helping individuals and families who struggle with the disease of addiction. She has worked in the addictions field in a wide range of treatment settings offering substance abuse counseling, mental health counseling, vocational counseling, and life coaching.

At BTG, Jessica facilitates Group Therapy, Group Education, Living Skills, Phases II & III Retreats, and Continuing Care. Her belief in the BTG philosophy and holistic approach to addiction treatment, coupled with her compassionate energy, enables her to help her clients gain the tools necessary to achieve successful, long-term sobriety.

Photo of Jessica Nichols


Drew spent his early years growing up in Northern Virginia. He began at BTG as an unpaid intern in May 2012 while pursuing his Certified Substance Abuse Counselor Assistant (CSACA) certification. He brings enthusiasm and personal experience to his position as Counselor. He has worked as residential staff at BTG where he was trained in Acu-Detox/MAR. Drew uses his personal and professional experience to help each individual client in their journey into recovery and early sobriety.

Drew helps clients to tap into their spirituality to serve them in their recovery. As a once atheist, he now believes strongly in God/Higher Power and feels he can meet any client where they are spiritually and address their desire to grow.

Photo of Drew Powers


Lindsay has an extensive background in analytical compliance and is extremely detail oriented. These traits make her a perfect fit for her role as Case Manager at BTG. She is a graduate of University of Virginia with a BA in Psychology. She is passionate about being able to work in and contribute to a group of people who are utilizing innovative approaches to substance abuse treatment.

Lindsay is excited about the holistic approach that BTG offers their clients because she has a personal interest in alternative medicine. She is dedicated to ensuring that insurance companies have the most up to date and accurate clinical information in order to obtain the highest level of coverage available for the longest amount of time possible.

Photo of Lindsay Shaw

Case Manager


Steve has been practicing medicine in Virginia since 2004 and has been a part of the BTG medical team since 2010. He is a Board Certified surgeon and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He is also Board Certified in Integrative Medicine with primary interests in Functional Medicine and Nutrition. In addition, he is a certified Personal Fitness Trainer with an emphasis on Sports Nutrition.

During the course of his medical career, Dr. Sutton became increasingly dissatisfied with the emphasis of today's medical care on illness care rather than on health care. He believes in a truly integrative approach, taking the best of both Traditional and Complimentary practices, in an attempt to help the patient reach the goal of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. He has found this approach to be extremely effective in treating drug and alcohol addiction, enabling a healthy life in recovery.

Photo of Steve Sutton

Attending Physician

Susan has been a registered nurse for 41 years. Her experience includes 6 years of Psychiatric Nursing, then 19 years as a float nurse working in Med-Surgical, Medical & Cardiac ICU, Oncology, Geriatric, and Drug & Alcohol Detox at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Martinsburg, WV. In addition, Susan spent 6 years as a Home Health Nurse and 6 years in Inpatient Physical Rehabilitation nursing. She has also volunteered as a Shock Trauma Technician for 22 years at her local Fire Department.

Susan is starting her 4th year as the Head Nurse for BTG, administering IV therapy, assisting the patients medically, and working with the doctor. She also provides Certified Medication classes, as established by the State of Virginia, for BTG's residential staff. She appreciates the opportunity to be involved in providing an effective service to those suffering from the disease of addiction.

Photo of Sue Swimley



Barbara has been with Bridging The Gaps since 2005 and initially came on board because of her passion to assist addicts in their recovery. She has a wealth of managerial experience in the food and beverage industry, in catering, and in residential facilities for mentally-challenged adults. Barbara is a graduate of Kaplan College with an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice.

Photo of Barbara Carpenter

Facilities Manager


Joni joined the residential staff of BTG in 2011.  She came on board because of her dedication to assisting addicts on their path to recovery.  Joni believes in, and has experienced first hand, BTG's integrative and holistic approach to substance abuse treatment.

In January 2012, Joni moved up to the position of Residential Manager, bringing to BTG over 25 years of administrative experience. She works closely with the residential staff to provide a safe and healthful environment for BTG's clients as they work toward their recovery. Joni is committed to ensuring that all policies and procedures are properly implemented by her team. She conducts training for all new employees and serves as a point of contact for new clients and assists the clinical team with their orientation.

On a day-to-day basis, Joni serves as a liaison between the clinical and residential staff, monitoring client schedules and appointments, assuring that all needs are properly addressed in keeping with the BTG treatment philosophy as well as the goals for each client.

Photo of Joni St. John

Residential Manager


Melinda sees her life’s work as a journey toward healing. She is a graduate of the Shenandoah Valley School of Therapeutic Massage and is a certified licensed massage therapist. In addition, she has practiced Reiki since 1991. She specializes in Hot Stone massage, Myofacial release, and the more standard therapies such as Swedish massage.

Through manipulation of the body’s soft tissues, Melinda is able to increase the circulation of the blood and lymphatic fluids and strengthen the immune system. In conjunction with our other healing therapies, Melinda’s massage treatments help our clients reduce stress and fatigue, alleviate pain and muscle tension, increase joint flexibility, and range of motion. After a massage session, clients often report experiencing a heightened sense of well-being which greatly enhances sustained recovery.

Photo of Melinda DeGraw

Massage Therapist

Janice is a nationally certified massage therapist and body worker. Her massage sessions blend Swedish, Deep Tissue and Myofascial massage. She is a graduate of the Shenandoah Valley School of Therapeutic Massage and the White Winds Institute of Energetic Healing.

In addition, Janice is a certified yoga teacher, Reiki Master and teacher, and a practitioner of the nursing-based Healing Touch and Healing Touch for animals.

Along with her private practice in therapeutic massage, Janice teaches private yoga sessions, yoga classes and specializes in yoga for PTSD and addictions. She believes that energy work, massage, and yoga are complimentary, non-invasive practices that not only relieve physical stress, pain and discomfort, but also promote wholeness by bringing balance to all levels of each individual's unique being.


Massage Therapist

Jennifer is the Music Therapist at BTG. She is a Board Certified Music Therapist and the founder of Love Notes Music Therapy. Since graduating from Radford University with a Bachelor of Music, she has worked with people from all walks of life in many different settings.

Through all of her work, she uses music to offer people the opportunity to experience the Truth of who they are. This is Jennifer's true passion in life.

Jennifer enjoys the receptivity of the staff and clients at BTG to integrate spirituality into everything they do, including music therapy.

Photo of Jennifer Hudson

Music Therapist


Rebecca is the Food & Nutrition Coordinator for BTG. She joined the team in September 2011 and found that BTG's holistic, integrative healing model aligned well with her own belief system.

Rebecca is pleased to bring her passion for fresh, local, organic ingredients to the nutrition program at BTG. She loves preparing and cooking delicious meals for our clients each and every day. She spends valuable time searching for new recipes, creating menu's, and hand selecting the best quality food items.

BTG's integrated health and nutrition programs blend perfectly with Rebecca's belief in a wholesome diet for a holistic approach to nutrition.

Photo of Rebecca Wetzel

Food and Nutrition Coordinator



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