Family Support Program for Addiction & Recovery

BTG realizes that addiction does not just affect the addict/alcoholic.  Addiction and recovery also have a profound impact on partners, parents, children, friends, and employers – everyone that plays an important role in the addict’s life.  Support from these significant others can make all the difference in a client’s ability to maintain long-term sobriety.

Our Family Program offers the friends and family members of our clients the opportunity to meet together to share the joys and challenges they are facing as their loved one moves toward recovery.  The sessions, held at our treatment facility in Winchester, Virginia, focus on:

  • Redefining addiction as a disease.
  • Addiction’s impact on those who are close to the addict/alcoholic.
  • What happens when the addict/alcoholic returns home.
  • How family and friends can take care of themselves while also supporting the addict/alcoholic in his or her recovery.

Family members and friends who live too far away and are physically unable to attend our Family Program on site, can request teleconferences with the client’s primary clinician.

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